Vhs Movies Worth Money Disney
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Vhs Movies Worth Money Disney

Vhs Movies Worth Money Disney

Vhs Movies Worth Money Disney. First, consider selling your disney vhs tapes. The average disney vhs isn’t going to be worth more than five dollars, with some dropping as low as $1, with $8 of shipping.

Vhs Movies Worth Money DisneyVhs Movies Worth Money Disney
These old Disney VHS tapes could be worth thousands do you own any from

21 rows here’s a list that we have compiled of the 15 most valuable disney vhs tapes: However, disney vhs tapes with a black diamond on the spine of the tape box can be more valuable. The raiders of the lost ark features indiana jones on the hunt to find the ark of the covenant before the nazis.

For A Limited Time Between 1984 And 1994, Disney Released A Special Series Of Their Classic Animated Films Called The “Black Diamond Collection”.

(if you still have a vhs player) 21 rows here’s a list that we have compiled of the 15 most valuable disney vhs tapes: Sword in the stone 1986.

There Are Several Methods To Put Your Old Disney Movies To Good Use.

Yet, some have great value. Cinderella is one of the most epic movies that was made by disney. They may not be one of the top items to sell on ebay, but if done right you can still make some extra cash and even make money at college without a job.

An Indiana Jones Vhs Tape From 1983 Sold For Almost $12,700 On Ebay In May Credit:

You can see evidence of this persistent claim in this 8/10/20 listing showing a single beauty and the beast video on sale for 1.28 million! This one is a huge money maker and considering it boosted disney's fame in the '50s, it is worth a ton of money. What to do with your old disney vhs tapes collection.

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The Ebay Seller Noted That The Item Was Brand New, Meaning The Vhs Tape Hadn't Been Watched.

Most of the vhs movies worth money are horror movies, classic movies, wrestling matches, and disney movies. Now, vhs tapes will not become a great investment. One of those films was, the great mouse detective.

The Oldest Copy On Ebay (In Good Condition) Is Currently Selling For $1,000.

This is because the black diamond signifies a tape is one of the first vhs tapes disney sold and came out between 1984 and 1994. The movie, which was directed by steven spielberg, was first released in 1981. This movie was released in 1986 and was compared to disney's golden age.

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